Mykonos Olive Oil Tasting: a gastronomic tour in Greece through the aromas and flavours of the Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Mykonos Olive Oil Tasting was founded in 2018. Is an educational company based in Mykonos island in Greece, delivering seminars & workshops on Olive Oil Tasting, Mediterranean Diet, Holistic Health & Wellness to tourists but also consumers, kids and culinary professionals all over Greece and abroad. Their mission is to share their knowledge & experience on the value, quality, wholesomeness, right selection, multiple uses and health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Mediterranean Diet, creating ambassadors of olive oil and Mediterranean lifestyle in various parts of the world.

Anita Zachou, instigator and founder of Mykonos Olive Oil Tasting.

Anita Zachou, instigator and founder of Mykonos Olive Oil Tasting is an agricultural engineer, professional olive oil taster, technical consultant of olive oil production, gastronomic educator of culinary professionals, holistic wellness coach, writer & trainer. She comes from an olive oil producing family from Kalamata and since she can remember herself she was playing around & climbing on some of the millions of olive trees of the Messinian land. Her great passion for olive oil and gastronomy led her to seek deeper knowledge and become a certified Olive Oil Taster in 2012.

Later on, she was awarded with a scholarship by the International Olive Council to attend the most prestigious olive oil tasting course at the University of Jaen in Spain, from which she holds the title of Expert in Virgin Olive Oil Tasting. She had spent twenty years working in the corporate world as a training manager before deciding to follow her calling and move to Mykonos to teach, coach and spread awareness on how people can live a healthier, happier, and longer life by adopting to the Mediterranean Way of Life.

Anita, founded Mykonos Olive Oil Tasting in an island which does not have an olive oil production fame or its own mill or even a reputation for its gastronomic tourism, has proved that if you are passionate about what you do you can create unique experiences against all odds. During her olive oil tasting workshops guests participate on a virtual tour around Greece by tasting olive oil varieties from every corner of the country, experiencing their different aromas and flavours. They taste also defective olive oils in order to learn to identify an extra virgin olive oil from an olive oil with serious defects. They learn everything about the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil and Mediterranean Diet and they indulge in an olive oil and food pairing activity aiming to understand how the “wrong” olive oil variety can destroy a dish or simply exalt it.

After this workshop participants have learned to recognize different types & qualities of olive oil and this will change their daily life dramatically. One you taste an amazing olive oil you can’t go back! They will also be able to recognize the aromas of olive oil, evaluate it according to its fruity, bitter, and spicy as well as which olive oil goes better with fish and which exalts the flavour of meat. This workshop will also teaches how to store olive oil so that its flavor remains intact over time. Learning how to taste, select and pair olive oil with food is a valuable knowledge because olive oil is the most important daily cooking staple also loaded with many health benefits making it the most tasty and healthy condiment in the world capable to spice up every culinary creation.

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